sábado, 3 de marzo de 2012


Ilustraciones para el proyecto de publicación T.A.L.H.O.

T.A.L.H.O. es un proyecto de publicación hecho en la disciplina de Ilustración.
T.A.L.H.O. tuvo como objetivo generar una situación inventada en un contexto real.
Como libro de registro, cuenta un proyecto desenvolvido por el colectivo artístico The Gene Wilder en la ciudad de Porto, Portugal.
El colectivo realiza una propuesta artística en la ocupación de los Talhos (carnicerías - butcher shop) de Porto.The T.A.L.H.O. book registra la intervención, testimonios, difusión, consecuencias, críticas, sobre los efectos del proyecto.


The nigth of July 12 of 2011 a group of 11 margined artists, auto-baptized as Collective Gene’sWilder,
arrived into the city of Porto after a controvesial
instalation in Nex Mexico.
As illegals after a big debt in the United States,
decided to stay in Europe and develop one of their most important works.
Portugal seems to be perfect for a new project based in the devaluation of the work of art and legitimacy of the mundane exposition space.
They settled in an old building in the Center of Porto.
Each one of them arranged a job as a talhantes* in a butcher shop.
This stage was called the “Encarnation” and meant the investigation and bases of the elaboration of the artistic instalation.
After months of thinking and working, Lazlo California, the
leader of the group, developed a Manifesto called the “T.A.L.H.O.” project.
This written was basically based in the observation of the visual aesthetics at the butchers cabinets in the city of Porto.
After the theorical proposal, the collective started to work in a visual representation of the intervention.
A symbol.
This stage is going to be the construction of a visual iconography, as a logo of the project.
After this, the repetition is going to be the moderator between artist-work and spectator.
The nigth of September 21 of 2011, the Gene’sWilder collective goes out and marks every butchershop that’s incerted by the Manifesto as a potencial aesthetic and conceptual example of the new space as art. With this, the collective designs a route and circuit of 4 butcher-shops in the city.
After this, a several number of events start to happen...